Quality, our first aim

ATA's products are characterised by their high quality, fruit of a meticulous production process, that covers all phases of the implementation.

The full cycle starts from the hard cotton (white and soft), which is carefully selected, and transformed, through the process of opening and carding, into a skein of thin threads.
The resulting yarn is laid on automatic looms and once again processed, then put through the dying and fixing processes.

Thanks to graphic printing, the materials thus obtained can be customised according to the client's requirements, and then cut and made to create the desired product.
The quality of ATA's products is reflected also in the final phases of the process: packaging and posting, characterised by exceptional care and fast delivery.


Our comittment

ATA guarantees a high standard of quality for its products. The use of technically sophisticated machinery ensures autonomy in the production cycle, enabling competitive prices on the one hand, and an increase in specialised design and detailed precision on the other, eliminating any unnecessary delays in the manufacturing stages.

These factors, together with solid experience in the field, have contributed to the success of the products that are sold and highly regarded world wide.